General information

General information services about TKNet network and radio amateurs in Corsica.

Internet TKNet
Public web site
General information blog about radio amateurs in Corsica, news, technical articles, etc....
Internet TKNet
Old TKNet site
Wordpress blog, self-hosted on the TKNet network (not really up to date, but still contains technical information).
Internet TKNet
Repeaters map
Up-to-date, real-time map of repeaters and other radio equipments on the island (currently, using APRS).

VoIP services

Several analog and digital repeaters over the island linked together via various technologies.

Internet TKNet
XLX755 reflector
XLX755 multiprotocol digital voice reflector with gateway to our analog system.
Internet TKNet
M17-COR reflector
M17-COR open-source digital reflector, connected to our global VoIP network.
Internet TKNet
SvxLink Corsica
Reflector to our VoIP system using SvxLink protocol.

Mapping services

APRS, mapping, ADS-B, AIS services.

Internet TKNet
APRS map
Our self-hosted APRS map server, showing useful activities around our island.
Internet TKNet
APRS server (local)
Aprsc server managing local APRS data from receivers around Corsica.
Internet TKNet
APRS server (world)
Gathers data from world-wide APRS-IS network, and forwards public data to it.

IoT services

Services related to Internet of Things technologies.

Internet TKNet
IoT platform
IoT server for non-profit usage, including various tools : MQTT, Telegraf, Grafana, LoRa, ChirpStack, ThingsBoard, NodeRed, etc...

Network services

Services related to network monitoring and management.

Internet TKNet
Status page
External monitoring service (reachability of our island from France).
Nagios monitoring server.
Network documentation and IP address management.
Internet TKNet
RIPE Atlas
RIPE Atlas probe hosted on our ASN in our data center in Aiacciu.
Internet TKNet
AS 212127
RIPE information and statistics about our AS212127.