WORK IN PROGRESS : migrating to AMPRNet addressing


The TKNet network was initially designed for site interconnect using private IP addressing ( We’re now migrating to public AMPRNet IP addressing (

During migration, both address maps (old and new) need to work at the same time. Migrating all servers and all sites is quite a complex task, and may require some time. Some problems or loss of services can occur during this period, particularly with VoIP interconnects (analog repeaters, XLX, D-Star, DMR, Brandmeister, Echolink, etc…). Sorry in advance for the inconvenience.

This mini-site is already working on AMPRNet addressing, on a dedicated range for Internet equipments ( The IP address of this WEB server is Adresses are announced in BGP in a data center in Paris, then tunelled to our data center in Ajaccio, where the core of TKNet lives.

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