TKNet network infrastructure


TKNet schema infrastructure v1.1TKNet is a closed network for Corsican HAM Radio operators. It’s built over TCP/IP. All software are free / open-source.

TKNet network is made of  :

  • Two data centers, in Ajaccio and Bastia. Those DC host various virtual servers : DNS, Firewalls, VPN gateways, WEB server, VoIP server (Asterisk, XLX), monitoring, mail, etc…
  • A TCP/IP transport network using 5 GHz radio links (commercial equipment configured to work on the amateur radio bands, according to the HAM specific regulations) and VPN (“Virtual Private Network”) tunnels allowing secured communication between sites.
  • Many TKBox routers on various sites. TKBox are low-cost routers flashed with open-source “OpenWRT” firmware. A TKBox connects behind any Internet box (xDSL, cable, fiber, satellite, 3G…). TKBox establishes VPN tunnels to data centers, thus allowing communication between all TKNet sites. VPNs are using OpenVPN technology. Connection is really “Plug and Play”. No specific configuration (or “port opening”) is necessary on the Internet box.

TKNet is not a public network. Accessing it is restricted to licensed Amateur Radio operators. Accessing TKNet is possible through sereval ways : a direct radio link (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz), a TKBox connected to any Internet access, or a software “OpenVPN client” to be installed on a computer (PC, Mac, Linux) or smartphone (Apple, Android).

Once connected to TKNet, you are on a private, internal network linking all sites and servers together.

Several services are available on TKNet. Examples of services are VoIP, and this WEB server.

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