Migrating to AMPRNet IP addressing


TKNet team is working on migrating the network to AMPRNet / HamNet public IP addressing. The subnet corresponding to the whole island of Corsica will be announced directly in BGP from our data centers of Ajaccio and Bastia. Two central firewalls will control traffic inside TKNet, but also from/to the outside of the world, in order to respect local regulations.  The use of public IP addressing will facilitate the operation of D-Star and DMR digital repeaters, because it won’t be necessary to use dual-addressing or address translations anymore. Moreover, local announcement in BGP will ensure lower latency for VoIP flows with our D-Star and DMR partners. Our TKBox system (OpenWRT / OpenVPN) will remain unchanged, and will facilitate “Plug and Play” connections of remote sites and end-users (compared to old AMPRNet techniques such as IP-IP and modded ripd).

This project is under heavy work in our labs, with the help of many other people involved in France and in the world. Please be patient 🙂

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