XLX755 multiprotocol gateway

Corsica has its own XLX755 digital multi-protocol reflector, hosted into the TKNet data center in Ajaccio.

It accepts D-Star and DMR incoming connections, and has its own AMBE transcoding server. It’s the central connection point for all the digital repeaters of the island.

It also have inter-connections with :

Available communication modules are :

  • A : XLX international
  • B : XLX France
  • C : D-Star France (XLX933 C)
  • D : XLX French-speaking (F, VE)
  • K : Corsica (All repeaters of the island + XLX933 C + BM 20820)
  • W : French Open Network (XLX933W, BM282229)

An additional gateway with our analog repeater network (Asterisk) is under development.

Dashboard is available at :


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